Kagami Aika
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April 16th






160 cm

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Type B




Cavallone Family


Hirano Aya

Kagami Aika (鏡愛歌) is a member of the Cavallone Family,

Aika's number in Semivita is '16'.

Character outlineEdit

Born in Italy, despite her Japanese roots, Aika is fluent and considers Italian her native language (though she does speak Japanese naturally). She's rather small, at only 160 cm and weighing quite less then she'd like to- since muscle does weigh more than fat. Following her father into the Cavallone Family, Aika lived her whole life secluded in that world. This leaves her more than a tad confused when it comes down to anything outside of that. Blood type B and of the Mist attribute, she's very responsible and reliable- but her quirks get in the way of that most of the time. Having an extreme case of Sinophobia (fear of the Chinese), the 'skill' to successfully be unable to use any type of technology without breaking it, and consistent violent tendencies (in the form of kicking) are just a few examples of points that, combined with her brash personality, can grow frustrating.


Some people make friends easily. People like Aika make enemies even easier. It's not that she's a bad person- just overly passionate. Aika tends to jump into situations head-first. She knows when to use her mind, as she is reasonably intelligent, but often ends up following her gut feeling more. These situations don't end positively all the time either. Spawning from her intense emotion, she's got a bit of a short fuse on her- which would be an understatement in actuality. The most notable example is her consistent violence used in every day conversation. It's rendered her infamous for her kicks among those she's acquainted with. Irie Shouichi unfortunately tends to feel the brunt of this more than others. Simply irritating Aika will set her off- maybe even just a casual greeting. If she doesn't like you it's damn straight you'll know. Because Aika's not one to keep meek and quiet. She yells at people and asserts herself more than you'd expect from such a tiny girl.

She's scared of being incompetent. The mafia world is dominated by- large -men who would normally overpower her with ease. Since she's not growing any bigger, she figures she just has to grow stronger. And that's led to some extremely dangerous workaholic tendencies. Again, Aika's passion drives her to continue pushing herself in the worst of times. She'd be the girl trying to walk with two broken legs. In some sense, it shows her intense determination and strong-will to persevere. But then it passes a limit. There's only a certain amount of damage a body can take and when Aika's fixated on training there's nothing that will take it off her mind. To be able to succeed she needs to push herself- that's how she thinks. In the past there have been numerous times that she's gotten herself dangerously injured, not only from actual fights, from her intense method of training. Yes it's helped her stand her ground. And yet when she can't face her feelings it's what she runs back to. When there's a death of someone she knew well, Aika doesn't go to the funeral to get closure, instead she stays back and works. Practicing her fighting even when she's down on the ground.

Loyalty to the Cavallone is her highest priority and within only a short time of knowing the girl it's easy to tell. She would go to any length to protect the Boss and Family. Though there are times that she's frustrated and fed up with Dino himself or other members, there's not a doubt that she'd ever intentionally do anything to hurt them. It's her reckless behavior that ends up dealing all the damage. It's true that she's loyal to the ones she cares deeply about, whether she enjoys expressing that or not. Using words to convey her feelings is a difficult task, it's much more Aika's style to tell people intimate things through actions. Social activities aren't a strong point that she has fun with. Aika knows how to put on a pretty, feminine face for important allies and associates. It's easy to just give them what they want to hear. Her raw personality is the one that's harder to get along with. Really hard.

Because no, she doesn't take care of herself or her well-being. Instinctively she'll be the one to go after and do it for others, but she's blind to her own behavior and how it affects those around her. The constant overworking and going off on her own are only the beginning of the list. She's not going to sit around and wait for someone to say Go, hell, Aika's already out there racing towards the finish line. She does her own thing and it's simple as that. Now there are choice people that she prefers to be with, but she'd never tell them that. Like said before, she's very awkward with her own feelings. Aika can hardly recognize and differentiate them! Doing it for other people is so much easier. And when someone catches her off guard by clueing in to what's going on inside of her she stutters. She yells. She kicks. She insults. When you get Aika flustered, by which is a task that hardly requires effort, it's obvious that you've hit at something true and raw.

The thing is though, she honestly does care about people. Aika can't portray that, but for someone that knows her well enough- they'll be able to tell. Or get her to slip up and spit it out accidentally. Even for a Mist type she's clumsy in these areas. She'd be willing to take the bullet for a person she genuinely feels strongly about without a doubt in her mind. When they're hurt she's going to be concerned and it's going to bother her until she checks in with them about a dozen times. It's difficult when the brunette has no idea what to do, so she stumbles over her own feet emotionally trying to help. Those are the times in which someone can interact with a much cuter, more feminine Aika.

Unfortunately, because one can't deny she'd be very cute, growing up around so many men has led her to become... rather manly, in personality sense. Brash and quick to fight, Aika doesn't pull any punches with anyone without a good reason. But underneath all that she struggles with the natural feelings of a regular girl. The one she consistently forgets that she is. A secret love for adorable things- like tigers and big dogs -is a rare stereotypical female trait (though what she defines cute is a little different) that she possesses. When given something that she enjoys or gets excited about it, her pleasure is eminent. Heck, she doesn't even have to be given it. Sometimes she's content just being able to watch and observe happily.

Aika's not a strong person as she likes to come off as. Having grown up quickly as a child, those tendencies are locked away in her, resulting in a notable stubbornness and possessiveness. She does not want to lose the people around her. Much less the ones she cares about. Letting them enter a relationship on their own is hard enough- because she's deathly afraid of change. Aika can't let people go easily despite the attitude of that she doesn't give a damn that she exhibits. Again, as mentioned above, she can't deal with her feelings either. That goes for grief too. Death is something common in the mafia- and she's not scared of it (far from that) -but she never goes to funerals. Aika never seeks out closure and chooses to remain locked to the past. Putting a dent in her ordinary way of things will shake her up damn well and it's harder for her to recover. In a world of men she desperately wants to be able to stand up to them strongly and in order to do that she believes she can't show any weakness. Rather than confiding to others it wouldn't be hard to catch her crying to herself at night after a sad or frustrating occasion.

Self-sufficiency is something she absolutely strives for. In Aika's world anyone could turn around and shoot you down dead within seconds. Letting your life rest in the hands of anyone but your boss? Stupid. You have to be able to look out for yourself or you're not going to survive. Accepting help is hard for her. It might seem silly and she might just look flat out mean when she rejects it. Her pride gets in the way of that. Only with people who she's so close to that she lets her guard down around does she feel comfortable enough to- almost -ask for needed assistance. Even in doing that she'll keep her head lowered, eyes diverted away and cheeks burning crimson. Aika can't say anything in those moments. All she can do is silently and helplessly watch, embarrassed by her 'weakness'.

From this self-sufficiency comes her demeanor. Showing sadness and depression is rare for the girl unless she feels it strongly- because she can deal with her own emotions. They shouldn't have to bring down her job and the others around her. But there's also the contributing factor that... her passion keeps her upbeat, yet realistic. Aika's not blind to the point that she thinks she lives in a kind world. Her's is nasty and cruel, a constant fight to survive. It's a quick way to anger her when someone doesn't take that seriously. An objective nature doesn't exactly help the Family out to boot, because Aika takes things into her own hands and goes off on her own foolheartedly. Despite it all though, she's rather bright... in her own sense. Aika does smile often and takes great pleasure from teasing and playing around with other people (most of the time not meaning to do any real damage). Her forceful nature causes her to take charge and (attempt) to take care of others, which more so comes out in the form of dragging them around. Her intentions are good, honest! Making her happy is pretty simple and Aika isn't hard to please. Emotions are a flurry for the girl and that's perhaps what makes her just so darned difficult to deal with.



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For such a small girl it would typically be very hard to survive in a brutal environment like the mafia. And it is, which Aika recognizes and acknowledges. She understands her height disadvantage and how much it makes her the underdog. So she's worked hard to overcome that. Day and night Aika trains her body, regardless of the fact it doesn't build her muscles the way she'd like.



As a mist type, Aika does have a natural skill in illusions. However, on the contrary to many others of the attribute, she doesn't use them so very often. Aika has definitely practiced to become skilled in them, yet fighting physically remains her most used tactic. It's even caused some other users to look down on her a tad. If she has the talent, why shouldn't she utalize it? As a selfish reason- physical fighting is fun. She's still at a long distance, considering the disadvantage she'd be at had they been closer, but keeping her illusions locked up inside. When she does release them they tend to have power. They haven't been expanded and worked on like her simpler other weapons are, and it doesn't help that they're a bit harder for Aika to deal with at great length.

Creating supposedly solid imagery that appears it truly exists is common for those of the attribute. In a fight it can cause some pretty damaging confusion on the enemy, from which Aika can take that bewilderment to her advantage and strike on her own accord. Aika's illusions are particularly fast-paced and she changes things around often during a fight in which they're used. Oh, it took a lot of practice to gain that speed and numerous injuries resulting from such (a few small scars still from the more dangerous illusion practice sessions).

-- "Illusion seizes control of the person's perception-- that is to say, it infiltrates the brain that governs their five senses. The stronger the illusionist's abilities, the more complete the infiltration. Their illusion's rate of success is also heightened, and its hold over reality stronger. Thus, in the illusionist's case, if their illusion is successfully countered with illusion-- it means that control of their own perception will be completely snatched away." (Mammon)

-- "If one believes even for an instant in the reality of those columns of fire, one would be roasted alive." (Mammon)

-- "An illusionist who resorts to hand-combat is heresy!! I denounce you and your reincarnation cycle rubbish!!" (Mammon)

-- "Yeah. Because these illusions act on the mind directly, and they've been continuously affected since the battle began." (Reborn)

-- "What it means when your illusionary powers are countered by another's. It means that you have completely lost control over your own perceptions." (Mukuro)


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"Keiji" would be something of a sorta-partner for Aika. Sent out on missions together for various reasons and making a rather good combination in truth, it's natural that they'd have some level of closeness. No, they're not totally tight or anything, but they're not just friends that pass each other in the hall and casually wave either. Their personalities are contrasting in a lot of ways- cautious and reckless, careful and impulsive, calm and short tempered. Not only that, but Keiji's knowledge in medical areas tends to be especially useful with Aika- considering how much she tends to get herself hurt (which is a lot). She might be pouting and insisting that she doesn't need it during the treatment, but she's grateful inside. Because he'll tell her if she comes up with a truly stupid idea or slap down a sarcastic remark. It's a bit more natural feeling considering that they're so close to age in a family that's filled with... much older members. Aika likes to be with him, she has fun. Keiji might be serious and stiff and not make a lot of facial expressions, but she's fine with it. Sometimes it's even fun to mess with him, trying to make him smile or look surprised or whatnot. But perhaps what grounds their relationship is that they do confide in each other to a degree. The young woman isn't so dense that she doesn't realize how special it is that Keiji opens up to her, and in return she attempts to share a bit of herself with him (t-though it's really embarrassing...) What she does tend to be oblivious towards are his own feelings for her, never once suspecting or thinking about the possibility (and reality). Whether she feels the same though? That would be another foggy district of emotion. Relationships are never simple, are they. All she knows is that she cares about him and that attachment only grows with the closer they get.


"Romario" is the right hand man to the Boss, and someone that Aika greatly respects. Not only is he friendly and welcoming, but a medical specialist? It's really cool. However, it is because of Romario that Aika has a dislike for tightly wrapped bandages. If a man would do them loose then she doesn't wanted to be treated any differently- and even takes a small bit of offense to the action. It might not be good for her, but that's the way she likes it all the same. Because Romario has always been around, back from when she was just born. He's that all-around nice guy who looks out for everyone, especially the Boss. Maybe it's because he's so fatherly. A friendly, but accomplished, mafioso who cares. Though it's not that they talk every day or see each other all the time, there's a small part of her that really looks up to the man.

Irie ShouichiEdit

"Shou-chan" and Aika have a... confusing relationship, at least on her part. Technophile and technophobe? Sounds like two opposing forces that you wouldn't want to come into contact. He's a whiz with anything related to technology and she breaks any of it that she touches. Hell, the two are pretty different from one another all around. Her gung-ho and headfirst attitude that tends to get her into trouble, and Shouichi's calmer and more mature voice to (attempt) to smooth out the damage she's caused. Aika is aware of all the trouble she causes him- to a point. And hey, there's really no competition that Shouichi is the person who's recieved the most physical abuse from Aika in the past. One would probably expect her to be softer to the red-head, but no, she constantly calls him names, drags him around, gets him into trouble, hurts him herself among a list of much more. The one thing she won't admit to is just how much she cares about him- because Aika can hardly realize it herself. Always quick to jump up to his defense and protect him (albeit not exactly flattering the whole while) and is possibly the one person who would think he's the coolest (and stupidest) person they know. Cause c'mon, that technojigjag stuff is fascinating. Can't deny that Aika's protective of the older boy however. What she feels for him though? Who knows. Maybe he's like family, or maybe it's a more romantic interest. Whatever it is, she'd go to any length to come through for him with all that he puts up with.

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"Vongola Tenth"



-- loyalty

-- faithfulness

-- companionship

-- courage

-- the hunt

-- watchfulness

-- protection



"The (irrational) fear of China, its people and its culture."

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One of Aika's most notable traits... her tendency to react quickly and violently at the slightest trigger. Obviously the girl has a terribly short fuse and Shouichi would definitely the person who feels the brunt of all this... energy. No, she doesn't instantly pull out a weapon or fire a gun off. Aika gives them a good, hard kick to the gut. Or the shin. Wherever she can hit really. And trust it, it's damn strong.