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Natsuko Sugioka didn’t excel at school. She was never bright nor dedicated to anything. After not passing the final year her first time around, she was forced to repeat the twelfth grade- putting a small chip on her shoulder and a bad mark on her record. It was just hard to take anything seriously. The careless girl didn’t have any direction for what she was going to do, no real dreams that she hoped to accomplish someday (only the regular for a teenage girl- falling in love, getting married… a movie-style love story). Besides, there had never been any real responsibility placed on her shoulders. As the sole child to a happy couple, Natsuko did what she pleased (never [I]too[/I] over the top fortunately). And things had always been like that- ‘till after that awaited graduation. See, Natsuko’s parents had waited a bit before they had her themselves. It made them quite older than other normal moms and dads, and a point of embarrassment for Natsuko herself. They’d never planned on having kids, the two were content by themselves. Growing older though… who would care for them? Who else could they care for? Finding the vigor needed to raise a child- that’s how Natsuko came about. And it only made the loss of her father harder on the two women he’d left behind in the land of the living. With Natsuko’s record and work habits, there honestly weren’t a lot of options that she could turn to. Now being thrust with having to care for her mother, considering that her father had left just enough to get by with for a little… it was stressful.

But a hostess club would accept almost anyone. The job is no where near as glamorous as movies and books make it out to be- entertaining men and drinking from dawn to dusk. In a host club, which have nearly identical rules to that of a hostess, profit is largely determined on drink sales. That’s a motive that they all have to compete for, because whoever gets customers to buy the most, both in quantity and expense, gets a higher paycheck then the others. Even that could be treated like petty change though. No one’s rushing in to make hostesses millionaires. Because like said- it’s not a favorable job. Sure Natsuko got to drink all the time and socialize constantly, but that’s exhausting. Let’s just say it was lucky that she was able to hold her alcohol well (to an extent)… it’s difficult to survive in the business if you can’t. How pathetic though, she was ashamed for herself and her mother (whom stayed home to take care of the house duties). The two had to penny pinch often, and it was sheer luck that Natsuko managed to do well enough with her clients that she sold a sufficient enough of booze. It didn’t satisfy her even so. That’s when she got her first request. Commonly in hostess clubs it is absolutely [I]not[/I] necessary for a woman to have sex with her customers and/or get paid for it. Most that participate in that fashion just use it as a tool to keep them coming back for more. Natsuko ended up joining that percentage. Sleeping with the customers that wanted it, it wasn’t like she fell in [I]love[/I] with any of them. All of it was only a job. Nothing more than that.

Niwa and KabukichoEdit

One morning she started feeling sick. When vomiting into the toilet, dread had already entered Natsuko’s mind as she rushed to the conclusion of what it could all mean. And if that happened- they’d be back to walking on a thin plank. Which it did. There was a baby in her belly- Niwa Sugioka. The months of her pregnancy were painful. Her career as a hostess was down the toilet now- men aren’t going to pay to hang around a pregnant woman. And the worst thing was she didn’t know the father, and no way was she going to get blood work and all that shit done- so he wouldn’t be able to help support them through it. That required Natsuko to cling at whatever type of work she could get, most not lasting for more then a month. The burden strained her and her mother to their limits- yet seeing her baby girl made her happier than she’d thought she could be in a place like this. However, her job prospects were getting slimmer and slimmer- especially from their location.

All of them had been living in an apartment within another area close by to Kabukicho, Tokyo. Kabukicho is a home to popular entertainment attractions… but also holds a title as a red-light district. A red-light district could technically be defined as a specific district where sex businesses and prostitution are abundant. Not exactly a place you’d want to raise your family around. With hostessing out of the picture now, Natsuko was forced to reduce herself to full out prostitution- an act by which is still illegal in Japan. It’s not a choice she’d have made herself, but she was tired and pushing herself. Baby Niwa at home with her grandmother whom raised her with affection, doing what she could with her aging body. Meanwhile Natsuko lurked in the streets with others she met, having a good drink or two (or more accurately even more) every day. No one noticed. No one realized that she was already an addict. Leaving her job as a hostess where drinks were the prime highlight of her occupation was a struggle on what she’d become used to. By now she just couldn’t stop.

Niwa was also growing though. Becoming a young girl, she knew she was surrounded with people who’d lost hope. Who’d taken whatever they could get no matter how low. But to keep herself looking to the future- she developed her idealistic centered personality. Helping her grandmother out in the apartment (taking on more of the duties as the both of them aged) and passing by in school with decent enough grades… Niwa really tried her best to do well. Proud of herself when she got a good test score and frustrated when she didn’t understand the homework, she was quite alike to other children from more standard homes. She couldn’t ignore all that was going on. Seeing her mom come home barely able to walk. It depressed her. And as much as she tried to hide it, for years Niwa was prone to fits of heavy depression that only became more painful from remembering her normally bright outlook. A few teachers questioned about her whether she was alright. They weren’t going to investigate the matter any further however. Everyone had their problems, and they weren’t miracle workers. Just there to teach.


Reaching her thirteenth birthday… Niwa’s grandmother died. Working for so long and doing more than she should have with her body had taken a serious toll, but allowed her to peacefully pass on in her sleep. Though both mother and daughter were hit hard by the loss- Natsuko was the one who found herself unable to get over it. Her mother was her last lifeline that she had to rely on and now she had to do it all on her own. The grief consumed her thoughts like a record playing over and over. And Niwa worried more then ever. She was old enough to take care of herself for the most part, but Natsuko was the one who needed attention. Of which she gave to her when she was home, which was turning into a more and more irregular pattern. Natsuko had found her own way to deal with things. Bottle after bottle she downed, filling herself and further with alcohol. Any type, any kind. She didn’t care as long as it was booze. Because forgetting was so much easier, wasn’t it? That way you don’t have to face your own pain. Her growing age was making prostitution harder, surrounded by more attractive young girls. It only lead to more drinking. Oh, Niwa could smell it on her when she came home. The ranking stench that polluted the air. Made her feel sick to her stomach. Trying to help her mother was useless- you can’t stop an alcoholic from drinking. That’s just not how it works.

During her own time, Niwa pulled as many jobs as she could get at her age for any amount of money. Juggling her school life on top, things were chaotic for years. Skipping over the same busy years that followed, fate repeated itself again as Niwa graduated from high school. Not planning on having any further schooling beyond that (they couldn’t afford it anyways), Natsuko was the one to go. Her alcoholism finally reached it’s limit and took her life as result. The event swore Niwa off alcohol forever- a bitter dislike for the beverage, but also a heightened worry for anyone involved heavily with it. However, the biggest result of all this was… what exactly was she supposed to do now? She didn’t have a steady job. She didn’t have enough to get a place aside from where they’d lived originally. Niwa was stuck there. Trapped by the bondage of the red-light district that would always loom in her mind.


There were certain things you’d see out in Kabukicho or any place like it. Stuff that a normal young lady shouldn’t be exposed to in a normal society. Endless amounts of smoking, drinking and sex… all of it suffocating her and making it harder to breathe. Because Niwa felt hopeless. She didn’t have anywhere to turn- the girl was only eighteen. So she fell into the same business as her mother. Selling her body out for money, it killed her inside to live with the fact. To state the obvious- Niwa isn’t a virgin. And yet that’s completely secret to her. Something she doesn’t want to admit to. Because no, she didn’t know these men at all. They were just people who came around. Yet this wasn’t the kind of company you’d want to socialize with at all. Truthfully two older girls had taken Niwa under their wings (to some degree). Those were the two that supported her. None of them were best friends- that was impossible in this kind of life -but they helped each other. Showed her the ropes. Reassured her when things got tough or scary. The young woman was just as very delicate back then as she is in present day, causing her many times to cry into the night- frustrated.

Another thing prominent in Kabukicho though was crime. Infamous yakuza, as an example, are known to be scattered about the area- unable to be detected. Possibly… that’s what saved Niwa. The police were buckling down on catching these guys, which is what startled the routine. Considering their business… everyone there was liable to get arrested. And they did. Having the cops bust down on everything one day, ready to enforce stricter laws in the area… everyone was startled. Niwa remembers how she trembled to the day, how scared she was to see all the people she knew being taken away. But she hid. A few others along with her were able to avoid it, hiding out where they wouldn’t look. The feeling petrified her body. That was the day that Niwa wouldn’t stay there any longer. When she sold everything she had that was worth it and didn’t need, and decided that she just had to leave. Even if she didn’t have any money or anyone to help her out- she’d be able to survive.

Leaving Edit

Transforming from a ‘street-walker’ to a priestess is… odd sounding, to say the least. And it’s not an easy thing- though in another light it [I]is[/I] easier than many others. The emotional journey was perhaps the hardest. Niwa didn’t travel far and wide across Japan in search of a place to call home, braving the harsh climates and raging waters and blazing deserts. That would be a fool’s journey. All the young woman was required to do was a little bit of research for a nice location (even though it sounds like an [I]exciting[/I] idea to her she’s not going to jump on the train and go where fate leads her.) Kamori happened to fit the bill, and despite that Niwa would hate to admit it merely from embarrassment, she went there with no direction. No idea that she’d want to become a priestess or anything about what her years there would hold. The only thing that Niwa cared about was shredding (metaphorically please) her skin.

On the topic of religion, she wasn’t a devote follower or anything. An offering here and there sometimes which gave her satisfaction. Arriving in the town with a little money the first thing she so happens to stumble across when exploring that truly caught her attention was the very sakura tree that holds the lives of others in present time. And by it the temple. Wandering by the peaceful building there would be an occasional moment where she stuck her head in cautiously before snapping it back out. The priest at the time softly tapped the jumpy girl on the shoulder and smiled. It took a few days for her to fully step in to the water, so to say. But she kept coming back and went a little further each time. Sneaking around at night Niwa entered, offering some yen and spilling her life story onto the gods or whoever up there was listening. She’d never verbalized feelings like that before. Niwa never thought it was necessary. And… she felt good afterwards. Really, really good. Like she’d just won a years supply of cake kind of good. Taking only another day to ponder over what had transpired, it wasn’t long before Niwa had already made up her mind about her new plan.

Confronting the priest as soon as possible, Niwa was too determined to have him hear her out- to the point of properly using the word confrontation with her gentle character. And he did. There are a few different ways in becoming a Shinto priestess, considering the fact that there aren’t exactly a flood of them of course. Some colleges may offer training, but a key is working as an apprentice to the present priest or priestess for at least two years. After that the domino effect took place and everything fell into order. Building up the confessional booth out in the back (an unorthodox move, yes, yes she knows) by herself- it was an effort of love! Got all of her supplies and got straight to work on it. It was just ‘cause… people need someone to listen to them. Not always a person who watches them or they know… simply someone. There were bound to be others who would need to relieve themselves and Niwa wanted to be able to listen (she did have to get the priest’s permission first)!

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Kamori made her comfortable and she grew out her hair. Such a pleasant place to be. It did take Niwa a bit to settle in and develop into how she presents herself currently, there’s no one denying that. Hell, the cost of maintaining a shrine or temple is usually more then the maintainers themselves make. But people in that career don’t do it to get rich. They do it because they love it and have a passion. Hence money never exactly bothered the priestess-to-be if she was at least happy otherwise. Material goods are material goods, simple as that! What she couldn’t ignore was that there were people who would want to know about life before Kamori, friendly little chit-chat like that. Simply the sheer thought of revealing to everyone what had happened would send anxiety racing up and down her body. No way was she going to [I]lie[/I] either. So the best result from all that was to shroud it in fog. Grew up with her mom and grandmother in Tokyo, wasn’t in contact with her dad, needed a change of pace from which she moved… little stuff. Not anything to hurt.

Niwa keeps her history like that. Short and sweet with no painful details.

Instead of the two year apprenticeship she’d ended up going on for three- not an outlandish number in itself. She’d grown accustomed to having the priest around doing his job. Sometimes she forgot what she was training for- merely enjoying the days. Having had no children of his own… that was where Niwa stepped up to the plate. She knew what to do and she’d observed (like hell she could actually remember them) different tricks. The priest had been old, yes, but that didn’t make his departure any less rough for her to handle. Niwa wouldn’t let herself wallow even so. No matter how much despair was radiating from all around her she decided she would continue to think brightly and look towards tomorrow. Adjusting into her new position there isn’t much to tell. A few miko worked at times, Niwa was trying her best to forge a bond with the other town’s inhabitants and to boost her proficiency for the job more. In easier words… Kamori became her home.

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